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Greening Education Partnership

Drawing upon ESD’s holistic approach to learning, the Greening Education Partnership aims to inspire action from countries to empower learners with the skills required for inclusive and sustainable economic development within the context of the transition toward digital and green economies. It focuses on 4 action areas.

  1. "Greening schools” -- From early childhood through adult education, work to ensure that all schools achieve green school accreditation, including teacher training and higher education institutions.
  2. “Greening learning” -- Embrace a life-long learning approach that integrates climate and environmental education into school curricula, technical and vocational education and training, workplace skills development, teaching materials, pedagogy, and assessment.
  3. “Greening capacity and readiness” -- Support teachers and policy makers through the integration of climate education in pre-service and in-service teacher training, building the capacity of school leaders and key education stakeholders.
  4. “Greening communities” -- Engage the entire community by integrating climate education in life-long learning, in particular through community learning centres and learning cities.

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